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Like me, the companies on this page are also proven Winners in the DO-IT-YOURSELF business.

The products you see here are the BEST OF THE BEST in their respective fields.

In addition to, we have become authorized retailers of many nationally known electronic manufacturers like: When you visit our on-line store and shop our Security & Home Electronics sections, you'll always purchase well below the MSRP. Products will always be shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Equipment is always brand new and warrantied by the respective manufacturers. On any product you may have interest, scroll down and review Description, Supplier Scorecard, and Return Policy.
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This company from "down under" has invented a magnet household energy generator which is starting to go like wildfire. They have a couple of demonstration videos and news coverage. You will have to see it to believe it. Click here for more information.

The company is Earth 4 Energy and they have a package of instruction with clear videos about saving on energy that will interest you very much. I am very happy to have them associated with my How to Install eBooks. Click here for more information.

Ben Ford and his Associates at Home Made Energy are the leaders in the Do-It-Yourself renewable energy solar panel and wind turbine business. Their primary mission is to provide the most clear and simple instruction on fabricating solar panels and wind turbines. Take a look at their introductory video.

Satellite TV for PC is another company turning the television entertainment industry on its ear. With their monthly subscription you get over 3600 STATIONS on your PC or Laptop, Instantly Turning your Computer into a Super TV. Click here for more information.