House of Stereo

This site is dedicated to help you understand and install a multiple source, multiple-room house of stereo system. What exactly will this system offer that a single source system will not? Well right off the bat the fact that the system will accept multiple sources of audio as inputs is in itself remarkable. With a touch of a button you, the end user, can select from FM radio, CD player, DVD player, Ipod®, and TV channel music. You are not locked into whatever the source your Home Theater amplifier happens to be selected.

The second remarkable capability all your family members will enjoy is the ability to select any of those music sources for their individual listening zone, at the same time everybody else in the house is selecting and listening to their own choice. Each room has an in-wall mounted zone controller that allows the occupant to turn the power on or off in the zone, select his or her own source of music, and play it at the desired volume without any regard to what other people have chosen to listen to in other zones.

The System I Install Most Often

I recommend the Hi-Fi-2 by HAI system for several reasons. It is not necessarily the fanciest system around, but I can tell you from personal installation experience it is the most powerful 8 x 8 multi-source, multiple-room house of stereo system on the market today. The amplifier uses state-of-the-art digital technology. Power output to each listening zone is a whopping 50 watts (25 watts per channel). Fifty watts per listening zone at 8-ohms means robust power for some serious whole-house entertainment. I dare say you will not be able to listen to music in a room at more than 50% capacity as it would blow the paint off the walls.

Have a Big House?

So you say to me that you have a very big house and you want more listening zones. This system has an expansion amplifier which gives you an additional 8 listening zones plus two more variable line out amplification outputs (zones 9 & 16) available as inputs to a separate amplifier for zones where you think you might want more power.

Integrates with Automation Controller

In my opinion, the primary reason the Hi-Fi-2 by HAI is the best system available is because it is but one of the sub-systems designed to integrate with their primary Security/Home Automation controller within the home. You not only have a powerful and expandable system, but you can control it in multiple ways. The three most common control methods are with the in-wall controller, color touch screens, and with automation. Think about this: When you walk in your front door from a hard days work, your security system disarms, a preprogrammed lighting scene is activated, and the music source you love the most comes on at a volume level you have selected.

The Two Keys

The two keys to all this technology are cost and the ability to make personal programming choices. The best way to have a handle on both is to install the system yourself. I can help you do that in multiple ways. First of all I provide tons of FREE information on this and other popular electronic systems for homes like my 10 Video Mini Course. You can easily sign up for it here on this page. I would invite you to follow me on my BLOG, join my bi-monthly Newsletter, and watch my ever growing list of How to Install Videos. In addition, I have written a How to Install a Multi-Room Audio System eBook which takes you hand in hand and instructs you step by step in installing a specific system you will be proud of for years to come.

Considering Other Technologies?

It has been my experience that when people are considering one technology for their new or remodeled home, they are likely considering other technologies as well. I make available a FREE eBook on How to Install Modern Home Electronics. Download the free copy and it will give you an overview of several systems which are commonly installed in homes.

If you are a person who does not need instruction but could appreciate an on-line store where you can shop safely and always be guaranteed very low prices, please visit our product site.


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