In New and Remodeled Homes, Low-Voltage Technologies Rule

High-voltage 110Vac is and always will be required as the primary power source in new and remodeled homes. However, low-voltage technologies are already embedded and controlling electronic systems in millions of homes across America. Perhaps you have read that one day as we pull products out of our pantries and refrigerators those items will be automatically added to our grocery shopping list for the following week.

Security System

As we speak there are just a very few very high-end homes automatically reordering food items electronically. However, I will say now for the record that security and other related systems are being controlled with low-voltage technologies on a day to day basis in millions of new and remodeled homes. If we look at a quality security system for example, it is performing at an extraordinary technical level by performing multiple tasks. While the home owners are away for the day, tri-tech motion sensors look out over the interior and exterior looking for intruders. These electronic devices have evolved to the point where they can perform several functions at the same time. They can look for Doppler shift movements, heat increases, and compare temperature variations over long periods of time.

Systems Controlling Lighting

In recent years there has been a great awareness regarding low-voltage lighting control. In many high-end lighting control systems there is no longer a requirement for high-voltage wiring to be installed in the walls at light switch locations. In fact, there are several individual wires contained in cables that are pulled to each light switch location for control of both individual light loads and lighting scenes.

Whole-House Stereo

Is whole-house entertainment controlled with low-voltage technology? The answer is absolutely entertainment is controlled all over the house with low-voltage wiring. It is common knowledge that all of the primary whole-house multi-source, multi-zone equipment is being installed down in the home theater room. There are low-voltage, in-wall keypad controllers being installed in each listening zone and these controllers make all the control inputs to the main units.

Access Control Technology

I will include one additional very useful low-voltage technology being installed on a regular basis in new and remodeled homes across the land. The technology is access control and can electronically identify family members at the front door. The technology to swipe a card at a card reader is not new as we see it every day in condominiums and offices everywhere. However, to unlock the front door of a home, causing the security system to disarm, initiating lighting scenes, and activating the whole-house music system is a new spin on that technology. You’ve got it, the access control system can tell the difference between various family members and household personnel.

Whether low-voltage technologies will rule as the primary power source in new and remodeled homes of the future is still an open question. As I mentioned before, high voltage 110Vac electrical power is and will always be necessary. However, of the multitude of controlled systems, I have shown you four systems where low-voltage technologies are the controlling authority. Needless to say there are many other systems being installed in homes across America being controlled with low-voltage wiring.