My name is Glenn A. Bell. I am the President and founder of American Industries Corp. We are a licensed and insured Security/Home Automation company operating in Honolulu, Hawaii, since 1998. We design and install the latest in integrated electronic systems for both the residential and commercial market. See our Contracting site at for reference.

I am going into semi-retirement yet I sincerely want to help other people install modern technologies into their new or retrofitted homes. With my knowledge and years of experience, I have written several How To eBooks to help people understand the variables of Modern Home Electronics.

"How can this benefit me" you ask? What I have to offer can benefit you in one of three ways. The first reason you should read my books is that by doing so you would be well on your way to becoming a qualified technology installer. You could in fact, work towards becoming a Contractor yourself or perhaps work as an installer for a Contractor building your experience.

The second, and most promising reason you should read my eBooks, is that you could in fact, install the technologies in your house yourself, therefore saving thousands of dollars. Depending on the type and sheer volume of electronic systems you want for your home, it will cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 to have a contractor do it for you. In addition, depending on the contractor you come in contact with, many times they will try to package various technologies together. You end up paying for systems you really could have done without.

The third reason you should read my How To eBooks is by doing so you can be fluent enough in the language of electronics for homes, that you could negotiate with a local Low-Voltage Contractor in your area to have the technologies you want installed in your home at a more reasonable price point.

So what I am offering is an opportunity for you to have a full 100% understanding of each system so that you can install it yourself. You will comprehend the overall concept, wiring diagrams, connector photos, equipment components, special tools needed, and programming required. Once you are ready to install, my book will take you from one step to another. When I say you can do the installation, I don't necessarily mean that you personally have to do the work. You could be an 85 year old grandmother and carry out the installation by having family members pitch in or hiring someone at a few dollars per hour. The physical work is not really too strenuous and its fun.

If you will download my free eBook at the top of this page and read it, I will provide a brief description of the various technologies, which can improve your home in four areas; security/home automation, whole house entertainment, energy management, and data transfer. In my contracting business, we have been successful in integrating these various technologies through the use of automation into a "total system". In addition, we have been able to document and publish each phase of the process so that we can teach anyone how to plan and install a custom designed system in his or her home. No, you do not need to be a computer whiz or a technically astute person to apply what you will learn in my book.

All of the technically complicated parts of each system have already been designed and tested. All you have to do is select the capability you desire or that your budget will allow. The computer programming is all windows based so that you simply point and click to get the results you want. All you have to do is install the structured wiring cabling, receptacles, distribution panel, controlled switches, outlets, equipment racks etc., or have someone do the labor for you.

When you purchase one of my HOW TO eBOOKS, you are not just buying a book, you are purchasing my STANDARD INSTALLATION PACKAGE providing these items:

Complete word by word explanation of the installation

Wiring Descriptions and diagrams

Required special tool list

Unlimited email support (as long as you follow my How To Install instructions)

How and what to purchase*

One on one time with me helping you with your installation planning or execution. (Telephone time with me is purchased separately at a discounted rate.)

The problem with many training courses, and there are some good ones out there, is that their focus is limited to a general subject. My books are different. I will give you substantial instruction on specific systems. I will:

Give you specific instructions on designing and laying out each system as they relate to your building plans

Help you work and negotiate with Building Contractors and Electricians as they relate to our systems

Give you equipment mounting and installation instructions

Point out the do's and don'ts along the way

Scroll down a little more, and you will see a description of each of my How To eBooks which equate to a package of technology and personal service. I highly recommend you download my free eBook at the top of this website for the best description of the technologies in my How To Install eBooks

This eBook provides a complete set of instructions on installing a specific Multi-Source, Multi-Zone Stereo system. Learn how to design your system then pull the control and speaker cables to each zone. You will learn to install the main music controllers and make the connections for both keypad controllers and speakers.

You will learn how to program the systems setting up music sources, music zones, and turn-on volume levels. Of course, the instructions on electronically connecting and integrating the automation controller and the Whole-House Stereo are part of this book.

The Standard Installation Package is included.

This package is the largest of the group as the automation controller is at the heart of integrating multiple systems together. Learn how to design and install all the necessary security, and home automation wires as well as components for your system. You will learn the secrets of installing window contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, keypads, etc. and making the connections to the zones in your system controller. Once you have the system installed, you will have a field day programming your own house utilizing the Windows-based programming software.

Your house will be wired for:
*Security & Access Control
*Home Automation
*Whole-House Intercom
*Touch Screen Control

The Standard Installation Package is included. Parts 1, 2 & 3:

Learn how to pull all the coaxial cables along with the power cables for multiple cameras in your system. Included you will get complete training for mounting and connecting cameras as well as the main Digital Video Recorder and it's 24Vdc power supply. The systems come in 4, 8, and 16 channel units.

Once you have the system and related components installed, you will be given video training for video SEARCH, PLAYBACK, and BACKUP and a connection with the manufacturers Tech Support who will assist you in the final setup for online viewing.

The Standard Installation Package is included.

Learn the basics of a professionally installed 5.1 and 7.1 Home Theater systems. Design and plan your specific speaker and equipment layout taking into consideration the actual construction of the room.

I will teach you how pre-install in-ceiling and in-wall speaker brackets for the size of your speakers. You will learn to pull the appropriate home theater speaker cabling through the walls and culminate with a professional 7.1 faceplate.

Sub-Woofers are tricky and you will learn how to integrate yours into your system.

The Standard Installation Package is included.

Learn how to design your system and pull the necessary cabling to adequately handle all the computer, telephone, and video in your home. You will mount the electronic distribution panel and make the connections to the various modules. Have fun testing the connectivity of the wiring and integrating your chosen systems together.

Your house will be wired for:
*Whole-House Stereo
*Front Door Intercom
*Home Office
*Computer Networking

The Standard Installation Package is included.

Learn how to work with the lighting plan laid out by your Architect. Design your system down to the last detail of individual light control to setting up lifestyle lighting scenes. Plan the location of in-wall scene controllers as well as touch screens. Learn how to negotiate with your Electrician and work with him until the system is completed.

Learn how to program the parameters of each light load and how to create and manipulate your own lighting scenes. Of course, the instructions on electronically connecting and integrating the automation controller and the lighting control system are part of this book

The Standard Installation Package is included.

Learn how to pull four-strand low-voltage control cable throughout your home from the main vacuum unit in the garage to each of the vacuum ports you install. You will learn how to install the toe-kick station under one of the kitchen cabinets. I will teach you the secrets of installing 2.25-inch vacuum tubing within the house structure to connect all the vacuum ports.

The last part of the installation is connecting the low-voltage wiring at all the vacuum ports then turning the system on to quite, easy, and healthy house vacuuming.

The Standard Installation Package is included.

There are multiple types of whole-house intercom available. In this EBook you will learn how to install two different systems varying greatly in capability and price range. I will give you step by step instruction on how and where to mount the equipment and pull the wiring throughout your house to make it all work. Learn the secrets of installing front door and gate stations.

The more sophisticated system comes with easy to understand programming instructions that can all be accomplished on your laptop computer. You can learn to program the system right from one of the proprietary phones.

It doesn't get any easier than that!

The Standard Installation Package is included.


In my earlier career I was a Pilot flying military helicopters and commercial passenger jets. I became a published author of an action adventure novel named Back to Somalia. Back to Somalia has received many positive reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and I would love for you to read those comments. If you purchase one of my How to Install eBooks, I will give you an eBook copy of my book Back to Somalia at no charge.